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About the poster quality-

Poly Poster products are durable, versatile and scratch-resistant, this media features an extremely white base for color accurate high contrast images. The tear-resistant polypropylene base makes for robust display applications.

The combination of © Kodak Poly Poster Paper and © Kodak inks will produce crisp, clear and vibrant quality collectible prints. Our dye based inks our made to resist UV rays which cause fading and will last up to 35 years in full color when displayed indoors

The mission of Gilda's Club is to provide places where men, women, and children with cancer and their families and friends join with others to build social and emotional support as a supplement to medical care. Free of charge and non-profit, Gilda's Clubs offer support and networking groups, lectures, workshops and social events in a nonresidential, home-like setting. Funding is solicited from private individuals, corporations, and foundations.

The Gilda's Club philosophy of providing an emotional and social support community as an essential complement to medical treatment for people with cancer enables the organization to serve as a beacon for the provision of health care services in the 21st century.

We envision that Gilda's Club Worldwide will assume its rightful place as the international leader advancing understanding of the essential nature of emotional and social support in the lives of people with cancer, as well as for the families and friendship groups who surround them.