Artist McKenzie releases Paintings to Benefit the Humane Society
Artist McKenzie, known for her tireless efforts to raise funds for charities through her art, has released a new painting series to benefit the Humane Society.
"She has donated the proceeds of many of her paintings to the Humane Society....but this is the first time that she has dedicated an entire series" says her Manager, Steve Rice "We are hoping to really make a difference."
Artist McKenzie, winner of the first annual ARTV Fine Art Awards for mixed media has dedicated her life to raising awareness and funds for causes close to her heart.  She embarked on her "Million Dollar" campaign last year in which she hopes to raise $1 Million dollars through her art and by sparking others to action.  "I have been a huge fan of the Humane Society for a long time now. I am very passionate about the ballot initiative campaign to place the California Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act on the November 2008 ballot" says the artist. "As well as the whole organizations' goals. I hope to raise awareness and funds through my art and website.  "
The website, will direct  visitors to the Humane Society and the California initiative link.  "There are only two weeks left to gather signatures.  Time is running out" says the Gallery manager.
Starting tomorrow, 2 NEW paintings per week will be released to benefit the organization. Limited edition prints on a revolutionary new metallic-based paper  will be offered.  These prints are numbered and signed by the artist and will come with a registered certificate through Fine Arts Title Registry.  Prints will start at $250 and come mounted and ready to frame.  These prints will directly benefit the Humane Society. Posters will also be available.
For further information please feel free to contact the gallery directly at 888-369-5213 or visit