Award-winning Artist McKenzie’s original paintings slated for television documentary released as 2007 Limited Edition Calendar

Hollywood, California—September 13, 2006—Artist McKenzie’s SOLD OUT "Serenity Painting Series" is the focus of a Healing Art Documentary and will be released to the public as a 2007 Calendar

"This is what the public has been asking for." says Publisher Samuel Edwards. "McKenzie’s paintings have such a broad appeal; it is wonderful to be able to offer her beautiful work to the public at such a reasonable price in such an exquisite format."

Samuel Edwards is publishing the calendar which will depict McKenzie’s Liquid Flower Series. It will be available to the public through the official website and through various retail stores around the world. McKenzie’s innovative painting style has been coined "alluvious chromatism" or intense flowing colors. Her floral and serene subject matter has been studied for its’ healing effects on ill and recovering patients. "I went through a health crisis myself. Instinctively, I began painting calming…reflective images that seemed to relax my body and aid in my personal healing. I am so thrilled that many in my audience have had the same experience with my art" says McKenzie.

McKenzie’s artwork is the subject of a planned for television documentary which examines the connection between ART and HEALING. The production will focus on recent research and scientific studies which point to dramatic effects on healing illness through viewing serene art. "Hospitals and Doctor’s have been fervently collecting McKenzie’s art. They have been displaying it instinctively for the viewing of very ill patients. Somehow they knew without seeing studies that it had a healing effect. It is fantastic to know that the general public can now enjoy the paintings at home through the calendar" says Edwards.

A select few images of McKenzie’s "Liquid Flower Series" is currently available as Giclees on canvas through Access Fine Art, Ltd. of Canada in the Grand Image Collection. See website for details.

McKenzie has been painting for over 20 years and is highly collected around the world. She has waiting lists for aall her originals. She is the recent winner of the ARTV Fine Art Awards for Mixed Media.

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